5 Expert tips for Do It Yourself Hair Extensions

1. Shop where the pros shop 
Don’t waste your money getting cheap hair extensions at chain beauty stores. The color selection is limited, the lighting is horrible, and you usually can’t pull the hair out of the plastic to see if it’s a good match. Shop where the stylist shop- at professional hair and wig shops. The selection is huge, and the chances of finding your exact hair match are much greater.
2. Take your stylist with you
Your stylist knows your hair better than you do. It helps to have him or her pick out your extensions, especially if they are going to help style them for you. Stylist will probably charge an hourly or flat rate, but it is worth every dime.
3. Choose real hair extensions
You CAN tell the difference. Fake hair looks very shiny, doesn’t blend well with real hair, and doesn’t last as long. The whole point of getting extensions is to make your style look amazing, not like a hot mess! Don’t save a few extra bucks in this department. Real hair looks and feels like your own hair, especially if it’s matched well.
4. Have your extensions shaped
This is the key to making them an extension of your hair style. Most hair extensions come all the same length, and are usually pretty straight at the ends. Next time you have an appointment, bring your extensions and have your stylist shape the ends and blend them with your hair style.
5. Own your fabulous new look
Your friends, and even strangers, will comment on how fabulous your hair looks. Say thank you and don’t tell them they are just extensions. Nearly ever celebrity rocks extensions and they don’t give their secret away! When your friends tell you that your hair has gotten so long, just go with it and agree. The less attention you draw to your extensions, the more fabulous you will look and feel.